Server Versions

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0.6 is a completely new structure of dynamic packet construction and forced saving to SQL by Jon002 that unfortunately has a bug in the world server. The LUNIBundle was first developed for this version.


0.5.1 is an update to 0.5 by Jon002 that allowed the server to be compiled into Release, meaning that Visual Studio is not required to run it. This was a necessity in some cases, and due to missing files it had been lost after 0.3. 0.5.1 is the last version that relies fully on static, hardcoded packets.


0.5 allowed for switching between four worlds (Nimbus Isle, Nimbus Station, Crux Prime, and Gnarled Forest) by selection of different character. The only character that is playable is CheekyMonkey, as it was in 0.4. The hardcoded packets can be edited (specifically world\char_aw2.bin) to change the world's hex ID and checksum to load any world after pwjones released all known checksums.


0.4 is a considerably major expansion to 0.3, where Jon002 figured out how to load worlds. It is largely based off of partial (but major) expansions to the server by humanoid24. However, only 5 world checksums were known at the time (Nimbus Isle, Nimbus Station, Crux Prime, Gnarled Forest, and Ninjago Monastery). It was this release that triggered the isolation of official releases by humanoid24 and lcdr, and the attacks by raffa (DMCA x2) on Timtech Software. However, a counter-notice was filed due to the fact that the files were licensed under the General Public License (version 3). Google has not responded further, and the pages have currently been removed from Google since late 2013.


0.3 is the first version of the LUNI Server to successfully communicate with the client. Jon002 and Timtech expanded on this further to release 0.4, which allowed access to worlds such as Nimbus Isle and Nimbus Station. Characters could be created but not saved or used, and the server could authenticate with the client and load worlds up to 35% (33% and 40% on some worlds). This rendered the game unplayable, although the server was a major breakthrough since it contained RakNet and lots of framework that would eventually come into play when the developers pushed out 0.5 in early 2014.


0.2 was the second version of the LUNI Server, released mid-2013. It includes framework and a MySQL database, but no code. This is due to the fact that no one knew how the packets were encrypted or even what medium they were sent over (which has been discovered by the developers to be the RakNet library for C++. This is the language that the server is coded in. This is where the developers (specifically humanoid24, lcdr, pwjones, Timtech, Jon002) started to gain interest in the project, due to the fact that pwjones had captured encrypted packets using Wireshark before LEGO Universe closed. This is the first version of the server that is freely available to the public. Dubbed "the developer's pack", it is outdated for use but can still be downloaded from Timtech Software's LUNI Downloads page.


0.1 was the first version of the LUNI Server to be released. Only a few months after LEGO Universe closed, raffa505 released a few concepts, with no actual code/databases, to try to attract developers to the project. Unfortunately, no one was really interested at the time. Raffa made more improvements, like a simple, working database and some framework, to be released in 0.2.
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