LUNI People

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Influential to the LUNI project starting in mid-2014. Major achievements including fixing the client's missing audio files (along with Jon002 and Timtech, whose attempts failed) and hosting an unofficial public server in times where funds were short for Timtech and his server. Also, he has done great research in the fields of character and packet customization, with the help of Robowarrior and pwjones. He also has his own wiki.


Humanoid24 coded the LUNI server. Without him and a few others (lcdr + pwjones), the project would be less material and more speculation. He has also done excellent research and documentation about the LU protocol (see the packets page). Much of the actual development is done in secrecy to expedite the process.


Jon002 is an important figure in the history of LUNI. He shared his files with all, aiding raffa with the concepts of the server, uploading his client to Timtech's website, and helping the community with their problems. He also communicated with pwjones in times of confusion, and server versions 0.4, 0.5.1, and 0.6 were mainly his work (in addition to original coding by humanoid24).


Lcdr (and pwjones) aided humanoid24 in the actual coding of the server, as well as documentation of the protocol. His work is done in secrecy to expedite the process.


Pwjones is a critical figure in the development of the LUNI project, due to the fact that he captured encrypted packets from transmissions between the client and server before the closure of LEGO Universe. He was the only one to do so, and he gladly released the captures to the public on the original LUNI Server forums. The developers used these packets in the construction of the server. These packets were later removed by raffa after his major content removal, and re-uploaded by Timtech to his site. Pwjones also released all known world checksums to the public at a time where these were crucial to packet editing. He also explained how to edit the packets. Jon002 has continued aiding those who have problems getting the packets into an environment where they are shown and can be edited as hexadecimal values, which is necessary to successfully edit the packets. Furthermore, pwjones assisted humanoid24 and lcdr with documentation of the LU protocol.


Robowarrior joined the LUNI project in 2013, before many of the newer developers like TheNyJan and CDFalcon. Although he doesn't have any one achievement that outshines the others, his help overall has been invaluable in community discussions and problems. He has helped Timtech with running the official LUNI wiki and CDFalcon with decoding packets.


Startreklover fixed many of the silent sound files that still existed in CDFalcon's "Nexus" client, polishing the "Nexus 2" client which has been the recommended client for a long time (longer than any other client, except for maybe Jon002's original client and the original CD). He has also posted many helpful tutorials under the name "LEGO Universe Now".


TheNyJan developed the LUNI Launcher, a basic console application to help inexperienced users use LUNI software without having to have as much technological knowledge. It can be downloaded here.


Timtech (also known as technotim/bluehat8) is the owner of TimTech Software, the website which hosts the LEGO Universe client (originally uploaded by Jon002), servers, and other files. Videos by Jon002 and TheNyJan's custom launcher also reside on the site. Timtech joined LUNI in late 2012, after creating his LEGO Universe page. He did not create the framework of the server or the database, but he did host clients for public download as well as maintaining these clients. Later, he changed raffa's "SUtil" to "TSoft" to make it free of copyright and released it to the public as server version 0.5. This website is maintained completely by him.
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